Free sample campaign

For a limited time! We provide free samples.

Currently We are having(running) a free sample campaign.
Apply for free samples until end of December.
It is great opportunity to test our new products.

Sample application ▶

Free sample campaign

This campaign provides free of charge to customers who are considering to purchase our high stiffness reducer in order for customers to "understand and analyze the performance and characteristics" and "test as well as evaluate whether it is applicable for intended purposes" in advance.
Feel free to contact us when considering testing our products with the robots, FA devices and other various products you manufacture and sell, or with your in-house devices.


When applying, read and agree to the following terms and conditions.

  • After applying, we will discuss the intended use, specification conditions, schedule and then would come
    to the decision whether to provide free samples or not.
    (Submitting the application form does not guarantee free samples)
  • As a general rule, up to 3 samples are provided per company.
    (If you would like 4 units or more for the convenience of testing and evaluation, please specify it in the "Other requests" space)
  • This sample is ONLY limited to use for testing and evaluation.
    Please refrain from selling or transferring machines that incorporate this sample to a third party as a final product.
    (If such machines are sold or transferred, we will not be held responsible for any failure or damage caused by our Products.)
  • After you complete the tests and evaluations, we ask for your cooperation
    regarding the evaluation results and future requests.

Flow of sample provision

Application /
Apply from "Apply for samples".
We will discuss the desired specifications, delivery date, etc. (Available online)
Sample provision
Customer test / evaluation
We will provide your desired samples.
Meeting regarding results, etc.
Please discuss the evaluation results and requests of the sample.