Nissei Corporation

「Notice regarding additional release of NEXT GTR products」

【GTR MID SERIES applicable models for NEXT GTR】

G3 series(Parallel Shaft)・H2 series(Right Angle Shaft)・F series(Hollow Shaft/Solid Shaft)・F3 series(Concentric Hollow Shaft/Solid Shaft)

【Motor Capacity】

3-phase, 0.1kW to 2.2kW

●Water-resistant motor(IP65) with and without a brake

●Standard motor(IP40/44) with a brake manual release device

※In addition to above models, products already been sold will also support multiple overseas and efficiency standards.

【Release Date】

From April 15, 2019


・New motors with compact and low-noise design

・Various options available

・Support for global models

・Same mounting dimension