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UL standard gearmotor

Description of the type To check each type symbol of details, click the capacity.


Description of the type

GTR-MID 0.1kW~2.2kW

Description of the type

Compliant with each standard

Voltage and standard code Power Voltage/Frequency Supported standards
NN 200V/50Hz,200V/60Hz,220V/60Hz CE,UL,CCC
WN 380V/50Hz,400V/50Hz,400V/60Hz,440V/60Hz CE,UL,CCC
KN 220V/60Hz,380V/60Hz CE,UL,CCC
CN 220V/50Hz,230V/50Hz,380V/50Hz CE,UL,CCC
EN 415V/50Hz,440V/50Hz,480V/60Hz CE,UL,CCC
AN 208V/60Hz,230V/60Hz,460V/60Hz,400V/50Hz CE,UL,CCC
MA 575V/60Hz UL

What is the UL standard

UL is an abbreviation of “Underwriters Laboratories Inc.” It is a private inspection institution established by an American insurance company association in 1894 to protect human life and properties from fires, disasters, and other accidents.
It tests and certifies all kinds of products, parts, and materials.
The UL standard is a safety standard allowed to be used in most states in America.

UL mark

UL subject standard

1-phase UL1004-1 (provision for motor structures in general)
UL1004-3 (provision for overheat protection by thermal protector)
3-phase UL1004-1 (provision for motor structures in general)

UL File No.

Cateqory Name
File No.
1-phase motor Thermal-device-protected Motors-Component XEWR2. E141674
Thermal-device-protected Motors-Certified for Canada-Component XEWR8. E141674
3-phase motor Motors-Component PRGY2. E172621
Motors-Certified for Canada-Component PRGY8. E172621
*Excluding IE3

What is the CSA standard

In Canada, it is obligated by law to use the CSA standard.
UL is certified as a certification institution of the CSA standard and it is allowed to display the “cUL” mark for products which are certified for the CSA standard.
Products with the display of the “cUL” mark are allowed to be used in Canada.

CSA standard

CSA subject standard

1-phase C22.2 No.100 (provision for general matters of motors)
C22.2 No.77 (provision for the requirements of motors with a self overheat protection device)
3-phase C22.2 No.100 (provision for general matters of motors)

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