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CE marking gearmotor

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Description of the type

GTR-MID 0.1kW~2.2kW

Description of the type

Compliant with each standard

Voltage and standard code Power Voltage/Frequency Supported standards
NN 200V/50Hz,200V/60Hz,220V/60Hz CE,UL,CCC
WN 380V/50Hz,400V/50Hz,400V/60Hz,440V/60Hz CE,UL,CCC
KN 220V/60Hz,380V/60Hz CE,UL,CCC
CN 220V/50Hz,230V/50Hz,380V/50Hz CE,UL,CCC
EN 415V/50Hz,440V/50Hz,480V/60Hz CE,UL,CCC
AN 208V/60Hz,230V/60Hz,460V/60Hz,400V/50Hz CE,UL,CCC
MA 575V/60Hz UL

What is CE marking

Machines to be exported to Europe require “CE marking.”
It is obligated to conform to the EC Directive for CE marking
In principle, certification of conformity to the EC Directive requires conformity to the EN standard.CE mark

Applicable directive/Applicable standard

EC DirectiveLow Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU
EN standard EN60034-1 (provision for motors in general)

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