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CCC-certified gearmotor

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Description of the type

GTR-MID 0.1kW~2.2kW

Description of the type

Compliant with each standard

Voltage and standard code Power Voltage/Frequency Supported standards
NN 200V/50Hz,200V/60Hz,220V/60Hz CE,UL,CCC
WN 380V/50Hz,400V/50Hz,400V/60Hz,440V/60Hz CE,UL,CCC
KN 220V/60Hz,380V/60Hz CE,UL,CCC
CN 220V/50Hz,230V/50Hz,380V/50Hz CE,UL,CCC
EN 415V/50Hz,440V/50Hz,480V/60Hz CE,UL,CCC
AN 208V/60Hz,230V/60Hz,460V/60Hz,400V/50Hz CE,UL,CCC
MA 575V/60Hz UL

What is CCC

China unified the certification systems of products distributed in China when acceding to ATO and China Compulsory Certification, which obligated display of the CCC mark for the subject items distributed in China, has started to be applied since August 2003.

To export a subject gearmotor alone to China, the gearmotor itself has to be a CCC-certified product.
However, it is not necessarily required if CCC is acquired for the overall device in the device assembly.
Among our gearmotors, it is applicable to products with an induction motor with a capacity of 0.75kW or less.
CCC-certified products also conform to CE marking.

CCC mark

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