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parallel shaft・planetary type (APG)

parallel shaft・planetary type (APG)
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Compact design

Adoption of a planetary mechanism enabled manufacturing of high deceleration with few speed stages.

High precision

The backlash precision is 3 minutes/15 minutes.


  • You can select a reducer equivalent to the protection ratings IP44/IP65.
  • This can be used in a place exposed to water or dust.

This is compatible with various servos

  • This is compatible with the major domestic and overseas servo motors.
  • If you provide a motor to us, we will ship it equipped with a reducer.

[Servo motor example]

Manufacturer Compatible type
Sanyo Denki R series, etc.
YASKAWA Electric Corporation Σ-7 series, etc.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation HG-KR series, etc.
Panasonic MSMD type, etc.
ABB BSM, etc.

Motor capacity, reduction ratio, and backlash precision

Motor capacity Reduction ratio Backlash precision
100 to 3000W 1/3 to 1/100 3 minutes/15 minutes

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