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Concentric hollow/solid shaft (F2) gearmotor (15W-90W)

Concentric hollow/solid shaft (F2) gearmotor (15W-90W)
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High efficiency/Low noise

The high-ratio hypoid gear realizes high efficiency, low noise, and long service life by eliminating distortion caused by heat treatment by CBN grinding after heat treatment

Free installation

Outline drawing of the gearmotor (15W to 90W) concentric hollow/solid shaft (F2) product
  • Symmetrical and concentric double-flange mount type without protrusion of the motor from the flange side (symmetrical with the motor as the center X=X1, Y=Y1)
  • With a mounting hole tap for face mount

Motor capacity and reduction ratio

Motor capacity Reduction ratio
3-phase 1-phase
15W 15W 10 to 240
25W 25W 10 to 240
40W 40W 10 to 240
60W 60W 10 to 240
90W 90W 10 to 240

Model composition

  • Gearmotor
  • Gearmotor with brake
  • Water-proof (IP65) gearmotor
  • Water-proof (IP65) gearmotor with brake
  • Speed control gearmotor

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