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AC servo gearmotor – AEF type

AC servo gearmotor - AEF type
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Features of the driver

Simple operation

You can easily set the rotation, acceleration and deceleration time, etc. by digital operation (option).

High precision

In addition to the normal precision, low backlash (30 minutes) is also available as standard.

Control mode

You can select position control/speed control.

Electronic gear division function

You can set the travel distance freely by the number of pulse.
You can also divide and output the encoder output pulse.

Automatic tuning

Automatic tuning by digital operation (optional) is possible.

Features of gearmotors

  • IP65 specifications
  • Same installation as that of the induction motor
  • You can select the backlash precision
  • Conformity to RoHS

Motor capacity and reduction ratio

Motor capacityReduction ratio
AF3S (concentric hollow shaft)
AF3S (concentric hollow shaft)
AF3F (concentric solid shaft)
AF3F (concentric solid shaft)
AG3 (parallel shaft)
AG3 (parallel shaft)
AH2 (right angle shaft)
AH2 (right angle shaft)
0.1kW1/10 to 1/1601/10 to 1/1601/5 to 1/2001/10 to 1/240
0.2kW1/10 to 1/2401/10 to 1/2401/5 to 1/2001/5 to 1/240
0.4kW1/10 to 1/2401/10 to 1/2401/5 to 1/2001/5 to 1/240
0.75kW1/5 to 1/2401/5 to 1/2401/5 to 1/2001/5 to 1/240

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