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Reducer (without motor)/Daily inspection and regular inspection

Daily inspection

Inspection itemMethodInspection contents
NoiseAuditoryCheck abnormal sounds (unusual rattling sounds and periodic sounds)
Listening rodCheck abnormal sounds using a listening rod
VibrationTactileThere is no abnormal vibration of the gear case nor motor frame after the surface temperature is checked
Surface temperatureSurface thermometer80℃ or less
Grease leakageVisual checkCheck that the grease is not leaking from the junctions of the case, bracket, etc., oil seal, etc.

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Regular inspection

Inspection itemInspection guidelineInspection contents
Oil seal and greaseHalf yearCheck whether it is deteriorated
Replace if if you find any abnormality
Hold down boltsHalf yearCheck loosening with a spanner
If the bolts have loosened, tighten them additionally
Chain and V-beltHalf yearCheck the tension
Adjust the tension appropriately.

*If you find any abnormality in the inspection, follow the instruction manual or contact us.

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