Daily inspection and regular inspection (Gearmotor, gearmotor with brake)

Daily inspection

Inspection item Method Inspection contents
Load current Ammeter Within the rated current written on the nameplate
Noise Auditory Check abnormal sounds (unusual rattling sounds and periodic sounds)
Listening rod Check abnormal sounds using a listening rod
Vibration Tactile There is no abnormal vibration of the gear case nor motor frame after the surface temperature is checked
Surface temperature Surface thermometer 15W to 90W: 90℃ or less 0.1kW to 2.2kW: 80℃ or less
Grease leakage Visual check Check that the grease is not leaking from the junctions of the case, bracket, etc., oil seal, etc.
Odor Olfactory There is no special odor of varnish getting burned at the time of overheating of the motor due to overload, restraint operation, etc.

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Regular inspection

Inspection item Inspection guideline Inspection contents
Oil seal and greaseHalf year Check whether it is deteriorated
Replace if if you find any abnormality
Hold down bolts Half year Check loosening with a spanner
If the bolts have loosened, tighten them additionally
Chain and V-beltHalf year Check the tension
Adjust the tension appropriately
Insulation resistance of the motorHalf year Check with the insulation resistance tester that the insulation resistance is 1 MΩ or more with 500 V
Brake gap amount1 month Check the appropriate gap range
Brake lining thickness Half year Check the thickness of the lining

*If you find any abnormality in the inspection, follow the instruction manual or contact us.

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