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Q. 【FAQ0075】Explain the method to confirm whether there is nothing wrong with the rectifier.

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You can check it by “diode check” or “resistance measurement” with a tester (circuit tester).

Please see the following.



*Please check the rectifier alone (removed from the wiring).

*Please short-circuit the two blue leads when checking the rectifier.

*Though the rectifier mentioned above is “A200-D90 (A100-D45,”

 the lead color is the same for other rectifiers.

(1)Failure check method with digital tester “diode check”


Failure check of “A200-D90(A100-D45)”


Failure check of “A400-D180”


Failure check of “A100-D90”


(2)Failure check method with analog tester “resistance measurement”


Failure check of “A200-D90(A100-D45)” and “A400-D180”


Failure check of “A100-D90”


(3) Related information – Rectifier output voltage (reference value)


*Note: The measured voltage value varies according to the measuring machine.

     The above figure is just for reference.

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