Nissei Corporation

Introduction of equipment and proprietary technologies

Proprietary technologies

New technology, High Ratio Hypoid Gear -> Functional efficiency improvement and downsizing

HRH gear product photo

It is said that the gear has a history of 3000 years or longer but it is still developing.
We developed a proprietary gear cutting machine and then the Japan's first high reduction ratio gear High Ratio Hypoid Gear in 1987.
This gear realized up to 1/360 reduction ratio with one pair, which enabled functional efficiency improvement and downsizing.

New technology – Hard finish machining

We proactively incorporate CBN machining and direct machining in the process of gear production and make effort to improve quality.

In-house manufacturing of a spiral bevel cutter

Spiral bevel cutter product photo

In-house manufacturing of a spiral bevel cutter for about 40 years.
We realized small lots, a wide variety of products, and quick delivery by in-house manufacturing of jigs for each process.