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Hypoid gear


The difference between this gear and a spiral bevel gear is that the pinion shaft of this gear is offset against the center of the gear shaft to some extent.
For engagement of the gears, sliding in the tooth trace direction is applied in addition to the rolling action of the spiral bevel.
Thanks to it, this gear can transmit rotation more silently and smoothly than a spiral bevel gear.

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Gear size Module 0.5 to 6
External diameter Up to about φ300 mm
Overall length Up to about 300 mm

*In some cases, we can provide a product exceeding these dimensions, so for details, contact us.

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Precision at processing

Gear precision JIS B1704 Grade 0 or higher
Examples used

Hypoid gear
Examples used

  • Reducer
  • ATC for machine tools
    (Automatic tool changer)
  • Four-wheel differential, etc.

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