Nissei Corporation

Management vision

In March 2016, our group formulated the mid- and long-term vision titled as “Vision2025 Change Gears” with the following objectives to re-establish the foundation for our existing revenue as well as creating a new foundation for additional revenue via reformation of our technologies and culture.

  • To combine our existing machining technologies with new technologies, quickly respond to requests from customers around the world, and to provide secure and safe products.
  • To establish a company culture that is eager to take on challenges, in which all Nissei employees can be proud to be a part of.
  • To become a highly profitable company through our “Change Gears” vision.
  • Sales:50 billion yen
  • Operating Profit margin:10% or more
  • Foreign sales ratio:50%

The mid-term management plan “CGN 2021” was created as the second step roadmap toward realizing “Vision2025 Change Gears”. The aim of “CGN 2021” is to strengthen business operations and improve profitability, as well as to develop products that correspond to changes in the global market, revise overseas strategies, and to implement preparations for the next leap forward.

[Mid-Term Management Plan “CGN 2021” (FY 2019 – FY 2021)]

[Basic Policy]
To become a corporation with long-lasting trust from every customer

[Basic Strategy]

1. Establishing a lean, yet robust business structure.
To become one of the most trusted corporations by our customers, it is crucial for us to eliminate all waste and increase our corporate speed.

2. Creating new values as a company
We are working to develop products that reflect the globally changing markets, and to introduce new products to match growing markets.

3. Reconstruction of overseas strategies
We will review our current overseas business operations and re-establish our manufacturing and sales structure to achieve a 50% foreign sales ratio, which is our target for “Vision2025 — Change Gears”.

[Business Strategy by Segment]

◆Reducer business
・Attain high profit by reforming manufacturing operations
・Create new products that meet the needs of global customers
・Increase sales overseas

◆Gear business
・Strengthen our business for the robotics market, which is a high-growth and high-profit market
・Optimize our manufacturing structure via utilization of external sources and process integration

[Target Values (FY 2021)]
   ◆Sales:24 billion yen
   ◆Operating Profit margin:25% or more
   ◆Foreign sales ratio:25% or more

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