Nissei Corporation

Management vision

Our group formulated the medium- and long-term vision "Vision2025 Change Gears" with the following slogans to establish the revenue base and create a new revenue base and is proceeding with transformation of the technologies and culture.

  • To combine the machining technologies with new technologies, quickly respond to requests from customers around the world, and provide secure and safe products
  • To cultivate "company culture to enable challenges" and develop pride
  • To become a highly profitable company through "Change Gears"
  • Sales: 50 billion yen
  • Operating margin: 10% or more
  • Foreign sales ratio: 50%

We started the medium-term management plan "CGN2018" (FY2016 to FY2018) with FY2016 as the first year as the roadmap of the first stage toward realization of "Vision2025 Change Gears."
In "CGN2018," we will reinforce the profitability of each business category as well as realize further growth by synergy effect as a member of the machinery business of Brother Industries, Ltd..

<Overview of the medium-term management plan "CGN2018">

1. Basic policy
    Reinforcement of the profitability by arranging the base of the manufacturing organization

2. Basic strategies
   (1) Reinforcement of the profitability of the reducer and gear business
   (2) Challenge to development of products and technologies in the peripheral domains of
         the existing business
   (3) Pursuit of synergy with the machinery business of Brother Industries, Ltd.

3. Segment-specific business strategy
   (1) Reducer
         Focus on recovery of the profitability as well as construct strong domestic and
         foreign business bases
   (2) Gear
         Change the sales product composition into high precision products as well as improve
         the profitability to realize highly profitable business

4. Numeric target (FY2018)
    Sales: 21.3 billion yen
    Operating profit ratio: 10%
    Capital investment plan: 6 billion yen (total of 3 years)

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