Nissei Corporation

Company overview

Trade nameNissei Corporation
Location of the headquarters1-1, Inoue, Izumicho, Anjo, Aichi
FoundedMarch 12, 1942
Capital stock3475 million yen
RepresentativePresident / Representative Director Tomoyuki Hasegawa
Description of business1. Manufacturing and selling of reducers
2. Manufacturing and selling of small size gears
3. Real-estate rental of condominiums, etc.
Securities exchanges where we are listed●Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
●Second Section of Nagoya Stock Exchange
Parent companyBrother Industries, Ltd.
Subsidiary●Nissei Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
●Nissei Gear Motor Mfg. (Changzhou) Co., Ltd.
PlantsMain Plant, Anjo Minami Plant, and Reducers No.2 Plant
Sales contact
(Gear Motor Div)
Chubu Sales Branch, Tokyo Sales Branch, Osaka Sales Branch, and Overseas Sales Section
Sales contact
(Gear Div)
Sales Section
Number of employees905 (As of September 30,2019)
Our banksSumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation,
MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Accounting periodMarch 31st
Nissei's products are used even in a place like this