Message from the President

代表取締役社長 野﨑剛寿

 Since it was first founded in 1942, NISSEI CORPORATION has continued to deliver products and services that respond to the changes in the times. The core of our business has been the manufacture of sewing machine parts and the gear technologies that we have cultivated through that experience.

 Today, the business environment surrounding the company is changing at a rapid pace, and challenges such as trade issues and the political situation in other countries are causing growing uncertainty.

 In such an environment, we recognize the importance of strengthening our corporate health to enable us to generate stable profits and have formulated the CGN2021 Two-Year Plan (FY2020–FY2021). The fundamental policy in this plan is to transform into a lean, yet robust company that is adaptable to change and that has the earnings capacity to ensure stable operating margins.

 Viewing the major changes in our environment as an opportunity, under the slogan “Change Gears,” which expresses our ambitions of transformation and challenge, we will continue to engage in key issues, with the aim of being a company that can respond swiftly to the wishes of our customers around the world and deliver safe, reliable products.

 The entire company is united as one as it pushes forward to realize our management philosophy of being a good corporate citizen and making the most of our corporate culture to thoroughly pursue three kinds of satisfaction (customers, shareholders, and employees) with independence, creativity, and teamplay. We look forward to receiving the continued support and cooperation from all our stakeholders.



 Our products, our production methods, the speed of our operations, our perspectives for assessing matters, and our company culture…
We will transform all these elements that make up NISSEI CORPORATION and grow into a lean, yet robust company that has the strength to survive in a greatly changing environment.

Mid- to Long-Term Vision: “Vision2025 — Change Gears” —
The company we want to be—

01 To combine our existing machining technologies with new technologies, quickly respond to
   requests from customers around the world, and to provide secure and safe products.
02 To establish a company culture that is eager to take on challenges, in which all our employees
   can be proud to be a part of.
03 To become a highly profitable company through our “Change Gears” vision.


Mid-Term Management Plan “CGN 2021 ”(FY 2019 – FY 2021)

Basic policy
“To become a corporation with long-lasting trust from every customer”

Key Point
Eliminate all waste and speed up business activities, engage in product development and enter new markets in response to the changes in the times, and expand sales in overseas markets.

01 Establishing a lean, yet robust business structure.
To become one of the most trusted corporations by our customers, it is crucial for us to eliminate all waste and increase our corporate speed.

02 Creating new values as a company
We are working to develop products that reflect the globally changing markets, and to introduce new products to match growing markets.

03 Reconstruction of overseas strategies
We will review our current overseas business operations and re-establish our manufacturing and sales structure to achieve a 50% foreign sales ratio, which is our target for “Vision2025 — Change Gears”.

*CGN is an abbreviation for “Change Gears NISSEI CORPORATION.”

CGN2021 Two-Year Plan (FY2020 – FY2021)

Basic Policy
To transform into a lean, yet robust company that is adaptable to change and that has the earnings capacity to ensure stable operating margins

Key Point
We aim to strengthen our corporate health to enable us to generate stable profits, even amid accelerating change and growing uncertainty in the business environment surrounding the company.

[Reducer Business Segment]
 01 Increase competitiveness of existing products
 02 Strengthen earnings capacity of overseas business
 03 Speed up new product development and entry into new markets

[Gear Business Segment]
 01 Expand share of sales in key industries
 02 Reduce fixed costs
 03 Develop new products

Our products are used even in a place like this