Nissei Corporation

Message from the president

Aiming to Accomplish Our Mid – to Long – Term Vision:
"Vision 2025 — Change Gears"

President Representive Director Tomoyuki Hasegawa

To our shareholders: thank you for your continued support of Nissei Corporation. We’re delighted to announce that we launched our new mid- to long-term vision: “Vision2025 — Change Gears”, from FY 2016.

Mid- to Long-Term Vision:
“Vision2025 — Change Gears”

We compiled this updated vision based on the views and opinions from our staff members in the age groups of 30’s and 40’s; who will lead the future of our company in the close future. The slogan “Change Gears” was selected as a pledge to further increase our company growth and share the vision throughout the company. We are also working to become a corporation in which our employees can be proud to work at, as well as improving our technologies and responding quickly to the needs of customers around the world.

The slogan “Change Gears” contains our ambition to achieve a wide variety of reforms. We will review and reform our products themselves, production methods, the speed of our operations, our perspectives of assessing matters, and our corporate culture. Each of these elements are represented as “Gears” in our new vision, and the slogan “Change Gears” also stands for our ambition to evolve our business by reviewing and reforming our “gear products”; which are our core technologies.

Change Gears

Mid-Term Management Plan “CGN 2021 (FY 2019 – FY 2021)” Activities

We launched “CGN 2021 (FY 2019 – FY 2021)” as the second step roadmap toward realizing “Vision2025 — Change Gears” goals, starting in FY 2019.

The basic policy of the plan is “to become a corporation with long-lasting trust from every customer”. To achieve that goal, we will implement the following three basic strategies:

1. Establishing a lean, yet robust business structure.
To become one of the most trusted corporations by our customers, it is crucial for us to eliminate all waste and increase our corporate speed.

2. Creating new values as a company
We are working to develop products that reflect the globally changing markets, and to introduce new products to match growing markets.

3. Reconstruction of overseas strategies
We will review our current overseas business operations and re-establish our manufacturing and sales structure to achieve a 50% foreign sales ratio, which is our target for “Vision2025 — Change Gears”.

Vision2025 — Change Gears
In order to realize the mid-term management plan “CGN 2021”, the Nissei Group aims to nurture the growth of each personnel, as well as optimizing the personnel structure in which each personnel can contribute more to our sales growth via optimizing the efficiency in our management departments. Also in order to enable all employees to demonstrate their talents and skills for the many years to come, Nissei corporation believes that it is important to ensure and manage the health of every employee via activities under the “Nissei Health Management Declaration” to promote and maintain the mental and physical health of our employees.

We look forward to the continued patronage, support, and encouragement of all of our stakeholders.

Activities in the medium-term management plan "CGN2021" (FY2019 to FY2021)
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