Officer organization

Officer organization (as of June 15, 2021)


※ Representative Director President Yoshihisa Nozaki
※ Director – Senior Managing executive officer Nobuhiko Wadaguri
※ Director – Managing executive officer Masahide Abe
DirectorYuichi Tada
◎ Director Motoki Takahashi
◎ Director Tatsuya Nagata

Directors with the ※ mark above concurrently hold posts as executive officers.

Directors with the ◎ mark above are outside directors.

[Corporate Auditors]

Corporate Auditor (full-time) Tomoyuki Yamada
☆ Corporate Auditor Yasushi Kanda
☆ Corporate Auditor Momoko Murase

Corporate Auditors with the ☆ mark above are outside Corporate Auditors.

[Executive officers] (as of June 15, 2021)

Managing executive officerTatsuya Hayashi
Executive officerToshiya Sato
Executive officerAtsuya Yamada
Executive officerHideki Kume
Executive officerMotohito Hino
Executive officerYutaka Shiina
Group Managing executive officerMunetaka Tomita
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