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Activities for the environment

We have introduced the environmental management system (EMS) based on ISO14001 and are promoting environmental preservation activities and resource recycling company-wide in order to be responsible for our own company activities and continuously reduce the loads on the global environment.

  • Environmental management organization

    We acquired the environmental management system ISO14001 in 2000. In FY2012, we reorganized the "environmental management committee" with the environmental management representative as the chairperson for the purposes of promotion of the ISO activities and effective reduction of environmental risks. We hold a meeting four times a year based on the annual plan to promote environmental management activities.

    Environmental management organization
  • Environmental education

    We provide environmental education to all employees according to their roles based on the company-wide annual education plan every year.
    Each section formulates the annual education plan at the beginning of each fiscal year and provides environmental education regarding the owned equipment and roles of individuals.

    Environmental education
  • Compliance evaluation

    We regularly monitor notifications of designated facilities and legal managers, environmental measurement results, soundness of equipment, etc. using "compliance evaluation check list" or environmental regulations for water quality, air, etc. in order to surely implement "compliance with laws ans regulations, agreements, customer requests, and other requirements" of the environmental policy.

  • Emergency training

    We designate six facilities as designated emergency facilities and conduct training assuming disasters and leakage accidents every year.
    We conduct the training according to the procedure of the guideline, evaluate whether it is effective for prevention of leakage and outflow to outside the site, and make improvements as needed. We also conduct regular monitoring and inspections to prevent disasters and leakage accidents.

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