Our Management Principles

As well as being a good coporate citizen, we make the most of our corporate culture to thoroughly pursue three kinds of satisfaction (customers, shareholders, and employees) with independence, creativity, and teamplay.

Action Standards

These Action Standards serve as the policies that guide the daily business activities of our officers and employees as they work to implement the company’s management principles. They consist of "Action Standards for Satisfying our Three Groups of Stakeholders" and "Action Standards for Responsible Corporate Citizenship."

Action Standards for Satisfying our Three Groups of Stakeholders

1. Customers Satisfaction

We shall build more robust relationships of trust with customers by listening to their input and reflecting those needs and concerns in the conduct of our business in order to provide more reliable products and services.

2. Shareholder Satisfaction

We shall meet shareholders’ expectations through profitable growth, increasing corporate value, and the return of profits. In addition, we shall improve corporate transparency and health through the energetic disclosure of company information in a fair and appropriate manner.

3. Employee Satisfaction

Because we respect the motivation, personality, and individuality of the employees that form the foundation of the company’s business activities, we shall treat workers fairly and appropriately by valuing their opinions, providing a safe and productive workplace, and offering ample opportunity for the development of worker skills.

Action Standards for Responsible Corporate Citizenship

1. "Human Rights" Respects

We shall respect the fundamental human rights and privacy of every human being.

2. "Laws and Other Rules" Observations

We shall observe relevant laws, internal company regulations, rules, and generally accepted standards in all company activities.

3. "Fair and Open Competition" Maintenance

Transactions and competition with business partners and competitors alike shall be fair, transparent, and open. We will never provide gifts or entertainment to government officials that could be seen as payoffs, biribery or provision of benefits.

4. "Conserving the Earth’s Environment" Activities

We shall actively work to conserve and protect the Earth’s environment by minimizing the environmental impact associated with each stage of our products’ lifecycle, from materials procurement to manufacturing, distribution, use, recycling, and disposal.

5. "Regional Society" Contributions

We shall actively contribute to and participate in regional society through activities at both the company and individual level.

6. "Antisocial Practices" Refusal

We shall firmly oppose antisocial practices that pose a threat to social order and safety.

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Compliance consultation/report service

We value the fresh voices of our dear clients, partners and employees. In order to better hear such voices and concerns, NISSEI CORPORATION has a consultation hotline available.

The contact mail for clients, partners and employees is available here

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