Nissei Corporation

Activities as the Brother group

Position in the Brother group

Nissei plays a role in further development of the machinery business
as a member of the Brother group.

Nissei plays a role in manufacturing and sales of industrial products in the machinery business (industrial equipment, industrial sewing machines, and industrial parts) of the Brother group. In the industrial equipment field of Brother Industries, Ltd., we launched a next-generation industrial machine brand in 2013 and introduced models which are compact but enable combined machining and machining of large parts, etc. to develop new markets.

In addition, in the field of industrial sawing machines, we will develop programmed sawing machines, conveyors, peripherals, etc. to meet the needs for automation of sewing plants and IoT support and propose sawing solutions.

Under these circumstances, Nissei will pursue synergy with other machinery business and contribute to reinforcement of competitiveness of the BROTHER group by developing and manufacturing gears for industrial sawing machines, reducers for machine tools, etc.

In the machinery business, we set challenge to the factory automation domain as one of the themes of business growth and aim to expand business in the growing fields in the whole machinery business by developing gears and reducers for robots and key units applying such gears and reducers.

Position in the group
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